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April 3, 2013


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Put on these cat ears, the world is in peril!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 3, 2013, 8:57 AM
quick! put on these cat ears! and this maid outfit! don't ask why, just do it! the world is in peril!

and that's how it all started... a few days later and now there are kitty maids everywhere! but not nearly enough. not if we are going to save the world! (or at least intend to save the world, then get distracted and curl up happily instead. it's a cat thing)

so... join us! join the kitty-maid revolution! :D all you need to do is grab a maid outfit and some kitty ears and post a pic of what happened next...
World in Peril meme - with added kink by CareganWorld In Peril meme - Vanilla version by Caregan

Patches67, the madman who started it all, has a meme template here: and i'm also working on a slightly kinkier one of my own which will be up soon done!

i'll try to feature all the kitties here  ^ ^

the original craziness (HeartGear/Caregan):
Heart Maid-Sama by HeartGearthe world is in peril! by CareganGuilty by Association by HeartGear
silenceyoursword joins in
The world is in peril! 1 by silenceyourswordThe world is in peril! 2 by silenceyourswordThe world is in peril! 3 by silenceyoursword
meowing maid madness multiplies!
The world is in peril! by CuddlesnCuffsThe World is in peril! by Shabazik World in Peril - 13th Edition"Quick! The world is in danger!" The speaker, Kimaan, was a somewhat hyperactive girl with shoulder-length purple hair known colloquially as the sex pest faerie - and for good reason.
"What?" Reika asked, turning to look at her team-mate. The red-haired Samuraiko frowned when she saw the items in Kimaan's hands.
"Quick! Put on these cat ears!" Kimaan insisted, shoving the headband in question at Reika. "And this maid outfit!" She thrust her other hand first.
"Wh-" Reika started.
"Don't ask why, just do it! The world is in peril!" Kimaan insisted, shoving the headband onto her friend's red hair and grabbing her wrist. Before the samurai girl could even start to object, she found herself transported to Kimaan's quarters.
"Which world?!" Reika demanded to know, her fierce war-face somewhat ruined in its usual terrifying effect by the cat ears perched unevenly above it. Even Kimaan wasn't quite immune to the effects of the glower.
"Uh..." She quailed slightly. "Infinity three delta
The Cat Maid Conundrum
(No fetish content, just another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Best. Meme. Ever.)
The adorable little cat girl had lost all track of time and place, she had been so busy spreading the word and distributing maid uniforms and cat ears to everyone she met. Where the uniforms and cat ears were coming from didn't matter; every time she met someone new, she had a set of clothes and ears to give them.
Now she stood in front of a plain grey door in a plain grey corridor. There were numerous doors on both sides of the hallway, but this door was the one. She knew this, although she didn't know how she knew it. Like the source of the costumes, it simply didn't matter.
She rapped on the door with her usual urgency. There was no time to waste! She didn't know how it was that she could be delivering these items for what seemed like an eternity, yet the need to hurry still remained. Why ask such silly questions?
The door opened and a tall brunett
Put on that Maid outfit, Lilia! by abby-roxMeme 02 by trinity0666Cat Maid Meme by rocketdaveThe World Is In Peril!! - Pumori to the rescue! by kanyikoThe World is in Peril by AchastThe World is in Peril! - Captain Plaid by wightpowerThe World is in Peril! - Captain Plaid 2 by wightpowerThe world is in peril!!!! by 3DcaptorThe world is in Peril 2 by EgoakH-Help! The world is in peril! by Pervy-PeppermintThe world is in peril!!!!!!! by 3Dcaptor Mega Neko Explosion Time!!!
(F/F, F/M, bondage, sleep gas, cat girl meme awesomeness)
Previously on Mega Neko Explosion Time!!!...
Klikkit HQ. The Klikkit leader sits upon his throne as his minions bow and scrape before him, trying to keep his prodigious temper -- and appetite -- satiated.
A member of the intelligence service enters. "Sire, we have excellent news! Our efforts to capture a Cat Maid recruitment officer were successful! We have neutralized her teleportation ability, making her escape impossible."
"Well done, minion," the leader rumbles. The agent stands there, hesitant. Clearly he has more to say but is reluctant to earn the ire of the perpetually angry overlord. "Speak!"
"Uh, well, sire... she's still generating cat ears and maid outfits. Despite her own lack of teleport capability, she has retained access to the pan-dimensional conduit. We are trying everything we can think of to interrupt the flow of these items, but we calculate that it will be only a few days before the entire compound i
Rebisu - Neko Maid? by yhetteSomeone is going to suffer for this!! DX by IxisNyxmirimeido costume designs by Caregan:thumb363395204:The world is in peril! by 941214The world is in peril! by Allora1313:thumb363471851:Cat Maid Etherea Saves the World! by EthereaSA Maid Without A Meme by AfrodisiumThe World is in Peril by Ask-TheViscountTHE WORLD IS IN PERIL by yellowflowerevy:thumb363590577:WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!?!? by UgovariaCat Maid Meme by PetnaMedsHina and The Cat Maid Meme by HinaYuiIt's not her fault the world is in peril! by Miyuki4117The world is In peril? by ItsTimeForTeaMeme-thingamajiggy. by NelosMoonbeamCat Maid Meme by Kobi94:thumb364013676:The Cat Maid Meme by Keytee-chancat maid meme me by redwolf997cat maid meme by Archfiend-duxOGirl cat maid meme by ShadowhawkOneTHE WORLD IS IN PERIL! by Ask-fearTHE WORLD IS IN PERIL! by Ask-CondomCupid:thumb364846091:'Quick! Put on these cat ears!...' by Sorceress2000The World is in Peril, Leslie and Abbie! by MisterMistoffeleesWorld In Peril Meme by EgoakWorld in Peril WIP by JenJenn403The world is In Peril! by AskBlitz-and-MintyThe World is in peril meme by ShabazikI don't see how this is helping the world's safety by Shabazikcat maid IP HERO OF SOMETHING by AskIce-PrincessJust saving the world! ^u^ by Demon-TetraCat Maid Meme by TaiganCat Maid Meme by ComX-1The Cat Maid MeMe by CrazyCowProductionsThe Cat-Maid Meme and Madame America by MollyFootmanMoshi Moshi pony desu? by VictoriatheUnicornCat Maid Meme by Patches by ChickfighterWO the cat maid meme by patches67-d5zra2m by White0wlsuperheroineSAVIN THE WORLD APPARENTLY by MichaelJLarsonCat Maid Meme by VHamelinAria as a Cateared Maid by Aria-WardenThe Cat Maid Meme By Patches67 - SOULTRAIN by DynamoDivaCat Maid Meme by EnglishDamselRuthiemaid by RuthlessRazorCat maid with Wendy by CartoontriperCat Maid Meme (Dayeandknight) by DayeandknightThe Cat Maid Meme: Admiral Valentine by PDSmithThe World Is In Peril! by Catty-MintgumThe world is in peril, guys! by AskHarveyArtblock doodle 2 by kanyikoThe World Is In Peril!! by PoserGirlsInTroubleThe world is in peril by WandermaskeNeko Maid to the rescue! by justjakkThe World is in Peril Meme - Captain Plaid by wightpowerNight Kitten saves the World by WalnutwillyNeko Maid Trish Saves...the...World?... by MisterMistoffeleesThe Prize for the World in Peril by solidzesnakeMaid Meowko - catmaid meme - by Deep-worldLilim Saves the World with Cat Maids by AlenonimoThe world needs to be in danger WAY more often~ by KehhajaPretty Burly : Neko Maids Strike Back by HeartGearThe Cat Maid Meme by HuispeMaid Meme by s0s2Cat Maid Meme by TheArgoNinja Cat Maid Meme: Recruitment
Cat Maid Meme: Recruitment
The doorbell rang, surprising Jason.  He’d just come from home from work and had no packages en route to him, so he’d fully expected the afternoon to pass like any other: sitting in his room, surfing the net, watching TV, reading, playing video games, writing, or any combination thereof.  He almost never had plans outside of work, the only times he interacted with the world resting largely from the places he chose to eat or the weekends, which he spent with his longtime girlfriend.  Figuring some sort of solicitor had rung the bell, he ignored it.
It rang again and Jason sighed.  He’d already settled in and didn’t feel like heading downstairs to tell whoever might await that he wasn’t interested.  Despite his refusal to acknowledge the chimes, they soon started repeating themselves incessantly, the button being pressed over and over.  Annoyed, Jason grumbled as he left his room and went down to answer the door.
Neko-Maid Junior Snoops to the Rescue!... by MisterMistoffeleesLilim Saves the World with Cat Maids by AlenonimoNeko-Maid Snoop Mommies Answer the Call! by MisterMistoffeleesWorld in Peril by MaximKKitty Maid wondering how to save the world by ChisatoWatanabe
(100!) World In Peril? No Time for Questions! by Parasyte123:thumb363781472::thumb365579139:The world is on peril by askflaimirusPeril? by Ask-CrabPrinceCaat Maed Memee by DrakithuKalina is a hero by Ask-The-OutcastsNeko-Maid Snoops, Mommy-Daughter Style! by MisterMistoffeleesCat Ears, Maid Outfits, and the World!! by The-Young-CetraCatmaid Meme 1 by TessPaigeCatmaid Meme 2 by TessPaigeCatmaid Meme 3 by TessPaigeCatmaid Meme 4 by TessPaigeCatmaid Meme 6 by TessPaigeCatmaid Meme 7 by TessPaigeMaid? by Ask-LeeLee-the-bardTHE WORLD IS IN PERIL! by FrostyVixen92252The Cat Maid Meme: Nyx by sturkwurkLeila and The Cat Maid Meme by leila-stoatThe Cat Maid meme by PParreira:thumb366441817:The Cat Maid Meme By Patches67 by MollyFootmanCat Maid Meme with Pipsqueak by PinkkieThe Cat Maid Meme by AskJude-BountyHunterCat maid meme by TheInfamousJoeLinderCat maid meme by 888thLEGIONCat Maid meme by Man-Of-RhodesCat Maid meme by TheFaceInTheTreeCat Maid Meme by ZhdaraCat Maid Meme by NevermoreFoxTagged Cat meme by Capt4in-Ins4nityTAGGED by bleuberry109THE WORLD IS IN PERIL! by mewfan151The first adventure of Kitty the Maid 1 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 2 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 3 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 4 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 5 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 6 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 7 by Natsuko-HiragiThe first adventure of Kitty the Maid 8 by Natsuko-Hiragi:thumb366715391::thumb367197692:Neko-Maid (to Order) Snoops Save the World! by MisterMistoffeleesJunior Neko-Maid Rivalry! by MisterMistoffeleesWorld In Peril by DLShowtimeKitty Maid Saving the World 2 by donnaDomenitzoThe world is in Peril! by YiceThe world is in Peril! by YiceGagged Neko by YiceNeko Maid by YiceNeko Maid by Yicethe cat maid meme Jordan tagged by steff by Wowza48world in peril meme Jordana/Janace by Wowza48world in peril meme+locked up: Jordana's moe tears by Wowza48Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty Maid Snoops!... by MisterMistoffeleesNeko-Maid Snoops Back Where They Began! by MisterMistoffelees:thumb369368174:XPS mod LeiFang Tina Kitty maid by mojoexcalibur2000To Save My 200+ Watchers! by Rockinyourbrainoff:thumb366406175::thumb367277877:The cat maid meme by KeyaraHedgehog09The world is in Peril 3 by EgoakNaV: The world will have to wait by TheShinyFurfrouLALALAALAL by AskJuliaOCThe World is in Peril Meme by LainwoodCat Maids by ThatBondageGirlEmilia in the World in Peril Meme!! Finally xD by FireDragonEntei488Still in Peril by Shabazik Male Reader TG: Saving the World Part 1 of 2By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Male Reader TG: Saving the World, One Kitty Maid at a Time
Based on “The Cat Maid Meme” by Patches67
(Be sure to read it to understand the context.)
The incessant ringing of your early morning arch nemesis, also known as your alarm clock, thunders and blares in your head with greater ferocity than usual.  You slowly rise to silence it, your cranium throbbing like crazy from last night.  Gravity also seems to have taken an especially strong hold of you and it’s a struggle to even get up.  As far as you’re concerned, it’s a miracle that you even had enough lucidity last night to find your room, let alone your bed.
A sudden thought occurs to you; that was a really wild party last night and you would’ve probably tried to enjoy it as much as you could.  You double-check your bed and find no evidence of anyone else having slept alongside you.
Male Reader TG: Saving the World Part 2 of 2By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Male Reader TG: Saving the World, One Kitty Maid at a Time (cont.)
Based on “The Cat Maid Meme” by Patches67
(Be sure to read it to understand the context.)
No reply springs forth; it seems that all the humiliation you endured was for naught.  You utter a small string of curses and grasp for your clothes, only to have them disappear quite messily as if the ground itself was greedily munching them down.
*lub dub*
Before you even have a chance to grieve the loss of your lucky shirt, a sudden pulse vibrates through your body, then another and another.  The combined effect makes you so dizzy that you collapse on the floor.
*lub dub*
You let out a moan, but for some reason, it sounds more like a mew.  However, with your ability to balance yourself completely disabled, it wouldn’t have mattered if you roared like Godzilla.
*lub dub*
Another pulse creates an unexplainable sensation all over your bo
Save The World by Patches67 World-in-Peril---Betsy by hojojitsuCommission: Cat-Girl Maid Bana by BrittBaileyBE A CAT-MAID SAVE THE WORLD! 5 by lordcoyoteBE A CAT-MAID SAVE THE WORLD! 4 by lordcoyoteBE A CAT-MAID SAVE THE WORLD! 3 by lordcoyoteBE A CAT-MAID SAVE THE WORLD! 2 by lordcoyoteBE A CAT-MAID SAVE THE WORLD! by lordcoyoteKitirena as Fetish Maid by LordDarkstarrKitty Maids All In  a Row by LordDarkstarrCat Maid a La Arie (Remake) by WhatGamersAreForThe world in peril meme - Kyle Wise by ernet888World in Peril Meme by KurtType5Saving the World CONCLUSION by kaozkaoz Magical girl: Hana's world in perilSummary: Hana’s world in peril (Complete) – When her best friend comes screaming to her that the world is in peril, the magical girl Hana has no idea how or in what she’s going to end. Bondage, mentions of yuri.
Hana's world in peril
(Late evening, living room in Hana’s house, Claveland City)
“Hana-chan! Quickly! The world is in peril!”
“What?” Hana Kanai, eighteen-years old college student jumped out of her sofa, her mind immediately on alert. “What did you say? What is happening?”
“I told you the world is in peril!” Nisha Izumi, her fellow student and one of her best friends just stormed in her house and started to flail arms wildly, her usually cute face a picture of panic and fear. “Please, there’s no time! You have to get out there and save the world!”
“Uh, sure! I’m right on it!” Hana quickly stretched her arms forward, wrists crosse


see a participating maid-kitty who isn't here? lemme know! =^ ^=

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Caregan's Interview and AMA:
The World Is In Peril! Maid-kitty meme:
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