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Don't you hate it when...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 12:32 AM manage to find some time to draw, then end up squandering that time because the picture just isn't working? yesterday, i decided to be bad and use a couple hours to sketch out an idea that popped into my head (when i should have been working). sketching and inking it barely took any time at all and things were going well, but then it all fell apart. i'd tried working on the light and shading before i did the colours (as i did in bridesmaids), but when i added the colours they just wouldn't go together. i ended up creating a new lighting layer, trying to preserve the shading i had using multiply, and revising the colour scheme... but as i went on it just made the picture worse. it reminded me of drawing back in 2007-9 or so, when my pictures tended to end up dark, claggy, and heavy with poorly-applied shading.
so somehow i wasted half a day flailing (and failing) to get a simple picture done, rather than just quickly dashing off a sketch and posting it. i guess maybe i'll just chuck out all the colours and start again from the lineart when i have time. it's just so frustrating though, when you are aware that each brushstroke is just making it worse!
Wippity WIP - the party by Caregan

in other news, though, i did paint a halloween pic for this year (lookit me being organised for once!), but you'll have to wait for that one :3

so anyways whilst i'm nattering, did anyone see the site update news mentioning that we are going to get status updates for text/pictures? i'd really like to have something shorter than a journal entry in addition to the rather specific-use poll, so that ough to be cool.

Caregan's Kinky Group Directory:…
Caregan's Interview and AMA:
The World Is In Peril! Maid-kitty meme:


gags and veils by Caregan
gags and veils
last month i wanted to redraw a very old picture, so i doodled this. it was great fun trying to keep the characters as close to the original as possible, but try as i might, the picture wasn't coming out how i wanted, which is why i ended up scrapping the whole scene and starting again. that ended up with me completely repainting the lineart and became this:
Orientalisme 1 by Caregan 

but i thought i'd post the abandoned original anyway... so i guess you can see both the contrast between the 2006 and 2014 versions, and between this attempt and the (pretty much completely repainted) final version with the single girl :)
please bear in mind that this was not a finished picture though, so it is pretty rough around the edges! :blushes:

the 2006 version is here:
2006: more dust by Caregan 
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Halloweening 14 by Caregan
Halloweening 14
i felt like redrawing an ooold halloween pic this year. bonus points if you were around back in 2008 and remember the original:
Halloweening by Caregan

i wanted to be a bit more relaxed and cartoony than usual, and go for more rounded noses and eyes. and of course, this is another of the lighting experiments i was doing this month :)
i'm also making a super-big version available for purchase for a few pointses ^ ^
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Going somewhere? by Caregan
Going somewhere?
hearts pumping, nostrils flaring for air, they hop and stagger across the dark field. the night is full of dark and sound - trees soughing and swaying, the hard grass crackling underfoot, and their own muffled groaning and puffing. but nothing else around them: no lights, no engine, nothing but their own hopping footsteps. they twist about, as much as they can with their necks haltered together, but there's nothing there.
then there is a click and a sudden flood of light roots them to the spot, and they freeze like bunnies right in front of the land rover's headlights. they can only dimly make out her silhouette, perched on the bonnet, as she laughs: "going somewhere, boys?"


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