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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 24, 2015, 4:40 AM
hiya all
this is just a quick journal to say sorry to everyone who's sent me a note or comment recently that i haven't replied to yet - i've been offline and very busy, but i promise to get back to you as soon as i can! :3
stay kinky!

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The World Is In Peril! Maid-kitty meme:


the significant owl hoots in the night
now kiss!
the other day i submitted a picture to the group DistressedGentlemen, which they very politely declined because whilst the gent in it was submissive, he really didn't seem too distressed about it. so i thought i'd better try again and put a guy in a properly squirmy distressed situation, and this seemed like the perfect idea. (plus The-Miho-chan always votes on my polls asking for more couples in distress - how about a D/s couple being the ones doing the distressing? :D) so this pic is for SapphiraVolkov and trinfan for being friendly admins and sticking to their group theme.

and for the record, my response to having my work declined was "haha fair point". responses i have received in the past as a group admin (when turning down unsuitable work) include allegations of conspiracy, threats, muro drawings of cocks on my page (by one particularly angry american girl) and, probably most hilarious of all, one korean guy who huffily left the group, pulling every single one of his pics from it when he thought we had declined one submission. we hadn't: it had just expired because i was away from the site, but he took the X sign for expired to mean cruel and unjustified rejection, pouted, left, then deactivated his account! ^ ^; people can get a little worked up about group submissions.... :S

artwise i wish i'd drawn the domme closer in so that she and her sub would have been crowding their captive in more claustrophobically/cuddliciously, but i couldn't work out an angle that she could sit in and pin his legs like that unless she was leaning against the arm of the couch...
i really wanted to draw something today, but just couldn't put pen to paper. i did actually put pencil to paper and sketch the old fashioned way for the first time in years, but i just couldn't come up with a good scene i wanted to draw. 
but you know what? even though i failed at creativity today, looking back through my gallery there are a lot of pictures i am really happy with, and that i enjoyed painting or drawing. and i hope you enjoy them too! :D
you said you'd save us, not sell us!
you promised you'd rescue us if anyone got captured, not sell us to cover the cost!

i kinda liked the idea of the film protagonists/adventuring party heroically teaming up to bust their enslaved friends out of the dungeon.... then discovering that the only way they could cover the cost of the rescue was to sell the 'stolen property', turning it into a heist rather than a rescue mission. i can just imagine the team coming round to the idea as they tot up logistics, overheads, depreciation, wear and tear on gear, getting the rogue back out of that trap etc. :D

ok so art-wise this picture is a complete mess, and that's because it was experimental... i've been mucking about with it for a couple of months, trying out different techniques and styles. rather than drawing a lineart and colouring it in, i daubed paint on a flat canvas, so the skin, hair, chains etc are all one layer, though the clothes and veils are separate. the advantage of this was that i was hoping it would allow me to fade into detail where needed, and leave broader strokes for the background without there being a clear division between the two. which is kinda ok, but it all being on the same layer meant it was harder to come back and fix things like the ends of their hair later on.
also, just starting painting by slopping (digital) paint around meant that i really didn't plan their poses or anatomy, which is why the faces are detailed but the rest is a bit of a mess ^ ^;
and then i ended up with dozens of different layers messing with blend modes, masks, transparency and so on, so i really didn't save any complexity by starting out on a flat layer.
Chun-li undercover maid
Chun-li, undercover maid enslaved!
chun-li was sure she was working her way into this shady organisation. the girls had acted very suspicious of her at first, but she had clearly fooled them into accepting her as any other jobbing maid, and they had been very nice to her. one of them had even unwittingly hinted at an inner circle of the organisation, and that must be where the illegal activity was run from. apparently if she proved her loyalty to the maids with this endurance test, she would be let in. well, it was humiliating, but if she was to find out who was running this thing, she would have swallow her pride and go through with it.
posed uncomfortably in her ridiculous maid outfit, chun-li tested the tough ropes which bound her wrists to her ankles. at least when she went undercover in the harem there had been serious restraints. she was sure she could untie these these with enough time... surely... it was only rope after all. but if she did that, then she would have failed the test. to add insult to injury, izumi had tethered her to the booth with a pink ribbon leash. pink ribbon! she tugged angrily at the ropes. this was definitely the last time she went undercover!
the maids were lazing about in the tiny, tatty, break room at the back of the cafe.
"no way, really?"
"haha yeah, she's totally the police! what did you think all those innocent questions she's been asking were about? she seems to think we are some kind of major criminal organisation! we've been feeding her ridiculous hints about our huge empire of crime all week!"
"and that's why she's tied up in the cafe? i was wondering about that, but she told me she volunteered... well, i think that's what she was saying through the gag..."
"oh yeah, i told her she had to if she wanted to get into the inner circle and she totally bought it!"
"ooh, i wonder what else we can make her do before she realises it's just a game?"

you know how this is going to go.... for every 100 faves, the maids will steal another item of chun-li's meido-fuku, until we reach 800 or she realises she's being wound up!

ehehe hello everyone! wow, this is turning out to be a very long artist's comment! since i drew that omake of chun-li arresting everyone after the undercover harem assignment, i couldn't resist doing a maid one too (frills!). i know you can't see much rope at the moment, but there's more under there i promise :D
with the little story, i wanted that element of play - sure, you *might* be able to escape, but if you escape, you've lost the game...

Chun-li's layers
:bulletpink:9: Maid Chun-Li 9 by Caregan
:bulletpink:8: Maid Chun-li 8 by Caregan
:bulletpink:7: Maid Chun-li 7 by Caregan
:bulletpink:6: Maid Chun-Li 6 by Caregan
:bulletpink:5: Maid Chun-Li 5 by Caregan
:bulletpink:4: Maid Chun-Li 4 by Caregan
:bulletpink:3: Maid Chun-Li 3 by Caregan
:bulletpink:2: Maid Chun-li 2 by Caregan
:bulletpink:1: and we're done! we were just short of 1000 days to get to the 800th favourite, courtesy of CptFlange :D :D


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